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Tall Snob

womens tall blog featuring tall clothing,tall clothes and large size shoes.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A-Line Tall Denim Skirt

a line tall denim skirtProportioned for tall women, this a-line tall denim skirt from Long Tall Sally, is a wardrobe staple for any season. In Fall and Winter pair it with a cardigan and tall boots or with tights and pumps. In the Spring and Summer mix it up with a t-shirt and sandals. The a-line style is figure flattering for any shape.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Helmut Lang Tall Leggings - 37" Inseam

Helmut Lang tall leggings - 37 inseam jeans
For you extra long inseam gals, I just came across a 37" inseam tall legging. Shopbop's Helmut Lang denim leggings in smoke wash grey are hip and trndy. These denim leggings feature seam detailing and jersey insets. Very mild distressing. Covered elastic waistband. 10" leg opening. 24"-32" waists. $230 (free shipping). Visit Tall Clothing Mall for more tall leggings and more 37" inseam jeans.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Basic Clothes for Tall Women - Part 2

Today I feature an example of our part 2 series of "Must Have Clothes for Tall Women." These are foundational pieces for your wardrobe to help you get started putting together a professional look. Start with the basics and then add a few seasonal items into your wardrobe and you will always look like a Tall Fashionista. We have more options at Tall Clothing Mall.

6. Long Layering Shirts - Eddie Bauer's layering camisole made of light weight pima cotton will extend your wardrobe choices as it can be worn under casual to dressy items.
7. Tall Black Boots - Zappo's Ros Hommerson tall black boots have a 2 1/4" heel high and are available in medium and wide shafts.
8. Black Leather Pumps - Barefoot Tess's exotic kitten heels are available to size 15 and have a 1 3/4" heel height.
9. Trendy Dress Shoes - Zappo's Me Too - red satin heels with beautiful bows are the perfect shoe to make the other Tall Fashionistas in the room jealous. They come in many colors and are available to size 14.
10. A Black Dress - Long Tall Sally's - Ontario dress with sleeves can be worn to countless occasions and still retains it's sexiness.

You may also be interested in Part 1 of our Basic Clothes for Tall Women.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Women's Tall Kasil Jeans - Save 20%

women's tall kasil jeans 36 inseamPick up a pair of women's tall Kasil Jeans. The website is giving visitors to my blog an exclusive discount of 20% with coupon code "TCMB20". Valid only on the Kasil brand. Hurry offer ends on Wed Sept 1st. Pictured above is a pair of "Kasil Jeans - Devoted" with a 36" inseam length. With an ultra-flattering fit, mid-rise and snug fit, these are one pair of tall designer jeans you will love! This is the perfect brand for tall and thin gals.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ruffle Tall Shirt Dress

Metrostyle's ruffle tall shirt dress has lots of feminine appeal. With it's v-neck and skimming straight skirt, it will flatter your best assets. This button-front tall shirt dress is made of a smooth charmeuse fabric. Choose from black or gray in sizes 6T-20T.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Must Have Basic Clothes for Tall Women - Part 1

We have a 3 part series on Tall Clothing Mall of must have basic clothes for tall women. These are the items that every tall women needs to create a wardrobe foundation. Once you have purchased the basics, you can add a few seasonal items to mix into your wardrobe. This way your foundational pieces will last for many years and you will always look put together and professional.
I thought it would be helpful for you to see the pieces in a complete layout. So here is an example of must have basic clothes for tall women - part 1:

  1. Every Day Pair of Tall Jeans - Pick your favorite pair. For the current trends, I like Alloy's Paris Blue's back flap pocket skinny jeans - available in a 35" or 37" inch inseam.
  2. Tall Trouser Jeans - One of my favorite places to get a tall trouser jean, is to create a pair of custom made trouser jeans from That way you can get the perfect fit and inseam length.
  3. Dark Tall Pants Suit -Eddie Bauer carries some tall suits made of washable fabric - for those who hate dry cleaning or need care-free pieces. They are especially nice for business travelers.
  4. Black Tall Trousers - JCPenney's St. John's Bay® bi-stretch tall black pants are great for tall women, and for tall plus size women. These boot cut pants features figure-flattering bi-stretch that retains its shape wash after wash.
  5. Women's Tall Khaki Pants - The Limited's triple button flare tall khakis have a 35" inseam. They feature a curvy silhouette, slender waist, sexy hip and thigh. 2L-16L $69.50
You can find more examples of the must have clothes for tall women at Tall Clothing Mall. Check back for parts 2 and 3.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Save 25% of New Fall Shoe Styles at Nine West

25% Off Select Fall Styles Plus Free Shipping

Save 25% off select Nine West fall styles plus get free shipping! Discount will be reflect at checkout. Ends 9/20/10. Most of the styles on sale are available to size 12 and come in narrow, medium and wide widths. Click here to see more women's large size shoe sales at Tall Clothing Mall.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Save 20% on Gap's Premium Tall Black Pants

Gap Perfect trouser pants
Gap's new premium black pant collection is now 20% off. Enter coupon code "SAVE20GAP" at checkout. Offer ends 8/22/10. Choose from a variety of women's tall black pants in a 34" or 36" inseam length. Pictured above is a pair of perfect tall trouser pants said to flatter all body types.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Side Zip Tall Leggings

tall leggings - extra long leggings 36 inseam
Check out this new arrival of Banana Republic's side zip tall leggings (item #702780). They feel like leggings, yet look like pants. With a 36" inseam length, they are extra long leggings. They are made of a thicker fabric, great for those who are a bit shy about wearing leggings. Visit our special section of women's tall leggings at Tall Clothing Mall.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Every Tall Woman Needs a Pair of Tall Trouser Jeans

Trouser jeans are a basic wardrobe staple. What makes them look like a trouser is they are dressier with clean lines, and usually no or little distressing. Some pairs don't have back pockets. Most have slight flared legs or wide legs and may even have cuffs at the hem. They are generally a bit more expensive than your regular jeans.
Pictured above in a pair of The Limited's 678 tall trouser jean with a 35" inseam length. Made with a thinner, crisper denim it has trouser styling at the waist and pockets, and even at the cuff-like hems. 0L-16L. We have just updated our special section of women's tall trouser jeans.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shopbop Tall Designer Jeans Up to 70% Offf

women's tall jeans on sale at

Save up to 70% on Shopbop's tall designer jeans! There are many pairs in the 33" - 36" inseam range. Get free shipping and returns for U.S. orders. International orders of $100+ qualify for free shipping.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jumpsuits for Tall Women - Hot Fall Trend

We've updated women's tall jumpsuits with a new section found here.

Jumpsuits are a hot trend for Fall. They are sexy, yet comfortable. However, they can be hard to find for tall women. I've searched high and low to bring you jumpsuits that fit tall women:
This cropped jumpsuit is tall sized, and has a blousy loose shape that hides any imperfections. Metrostyle's cowl neck jumpsuit is available in sizes ST-XLT

Metrostyle's dolman sleeve tall jumpsuit in gray or black has a 34" inseam. ST-XLT

Newport News offers this colorblock strapless tall jumpsuit with a built-in shelf bra. ST-XLT
Newport News- strapless wide-leg ponté-knit tall jumpsuit is perfect for the office when you throw on a shrug or a sweater. 6T-18T Newport News - feminine lace trim jumpsuit with wide leg. ST-LT

Metrostyle's denim tall jumpsuit with flattering wide leg styling and a 34" inseam length. 6T-20T
eShakti's poppy red jumpsuit is custom made to your measurement and length. Size 0-26.
If you have a spotted a tall jumpsuit that I have missed, please comment below.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tall Shirt Dress

This top rated tall gauze shirt dress from Soft Surroundings is currently on sale for $40 save 50%! It is figure flattering and comes with two belts to change up the look. This is a versatile dress that can be worn alone, over leggings, or place a cardigan over the top. Choose from 3 colors in sizes 2-18.

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