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Tall Snob

womens tall blog featuring tall clothing,tall clothes and large size shoes.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Want This Ruffley Tall Cardigan

I prefer color any day over plain black or white. I especially love to wear colorful tops. I have my eye on this ruffly tall cardigan from Long Tall Sally. The length is perfect at 34.5" long and purple is my favorite color. I'm headed to my closet to inventory my sweaters and see if I can justify another purchase. Let's hope! {wink, wink}

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nordstrom Sales - Free Shipping with shoe purchase

At Nordstrom, get free shipping on your entire order when you purchase a pair of shoes and use coupon code "SHOES". Ends 10/25/10. Plus the sale section has discounts up to 52%! A few sale items we recommend for tall women include:

Visit our women's tall clothing on sale for more deals.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Why Tall Women Love The Buckle

The carries lots of clothing for tall women including tall jeans in 33-37" inseams. They also sell longer length t-shirts and sweaters. Here's a few examples:

Buckle women's tall jeans 37 inseamextra long and lean t-shirt

Daytrip women's long sweaterextra long yoga pants 36 inseam

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Women's High Rise Pants 35" Inseam


Low-rise pants ares not flattering on everyone and are tacky in an office setting. We suggest at least a mid-rise or even a high rise pant to maintain your professional image. Pictured above is the Limited's high rise tall grey pants, a great example of a nice work pant. Grey is still a nice neutral for work. These pants have a 35" inseam, are slightly flared and are getting high reviews. The waist band is constructed of 3 bands to add some extra height.
All pants and skirts 40% off at the Limited through September 26th.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Designs by Stephene - Save an Extra 40% off Tall Designer Jeans on Sale

If you love women's tall designer jeans, then you will love this deal! Designs by Stephene, a boutique store, is offering an extra 40% off all items except new arrivals. Use coupon code "fallclearance". Sale ends 9/30/10. Shipping is always free on orders of $100+.

Pictured above is a pair of James Jeans boot-cut jeans with a 34" inseam on sale for $137 and with the extra 40% off it is knocked down to $82.30 (was $167). View all of their long inseam designer jeans.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Save $15 at Soft Surroundings - Women's Tall Clothes

Receive $15 Off your $100+ order at with key number "3566015". Deal ends 9/28/10. So, what clothes do I love for tall women?

Ruffled Chenille Tall Robe (item #43480)

Tall Capistrano Skirt - Brown
Tall Capistrano Skirt

Visit Tall Clothing Mall's women's tall sale section for more of the latest sales and coupons.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Women's Tall Leather Jackets & Tall Leather Coats

Leather never goes out of style. It can be dressed up or down, worn to work or worn on a date. Don't you just love the look and smell of leather? I do! Leather can transform anyone from average to glamorous! Today, I've put together my top choices in women's tall leather jackets and tall leather coats.
Eddie Bauer bomber womens tall leather jackets

Eddie Bauer's tall leather bomber jacket MT-2XLT

belted womens tall leather coats

Metrostyle's women's belted tall leather coats 6T-18T

Long Elegant Legs womens tall leather coats Long Elegant Leg's tall leather coats ST-2XLT

long women's tall leather coats Metrostyle's long leather coats ST-XLT

All "Tall Fashionistas" need some type of women's tall leather coat or jacket, so hurry and snag your favorite while they still have your size!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Save 20% at Eddie Bauer

It's the final two days to save 20% off your entire order at Eddie Bauer when you buy a pair of pants. The women's tall pants have a 35" inseam length. So what do we like? We like the above pair of tall wool trousers as they give you a polished look for work. They are wrinkle-resistant and have a slim fit.
To get the 20% discount, you must purchase a pair of pants and then your entire order will be 20% off. Then enter coupon code "FR2PANTS". Coupon expires 9/21/10.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Shapefx Women's Tall Clothes That Slim You

If you haven't checked out Spiegel's Shape fx clothing in tall sizes they are worth a look. This clothing line features women's tall clothes made with a variety of fabrics that help slim tummies, lift rear ends, and generally hold in all the jiggly parts. They include tall pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, swimsuits and more. Here's a few examples:

bootcut tall jeans 34 inseam

Push-Up Control Tall Boot-cut Jeans 34" Inseam

high waist tall skirt

Hold You In High Waist Tall Skirt - 40" length

View the complete line of Shapefx clothes for tall women here.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tall Sweater Dresses

You've got to pick up a tall sweater dress this season. They are so easy to wear. Slip them on and wear with bare legs, with tights or with a pair of knee high boots. Or, wear over leggings for more coverage. You'll be able to wear it now through Spring. Here are a few of my favorite tall sweater dresses.

Athletas tall sweater dresses

Athleta's tall sweater dress ST-XLT (2 colors)

Old Navy Womens Argyle V-Neck Tall Sweater Dresses
Old Navy's Argyle V-Neck Tall Sweater Dresses in sizes ST-2XLT (4 colors)

spiegel tall sweater dresses

Spiegel's sweater dress is not a tall size, but is long enough to be. XS-XL (4 colors). This is not a great look with leggings, but looks better worn with a belt across the middle.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Women's Trendy Boots for Fall

Did you know that we have a special section of women's shoe trends over at Tall Clothing Mall? We keep you up to date with all the latest styles. The coolest thing about our shoe trend section is that we only feature shoes with at least a size 12 or bigger and many styles are available up to size 15. We scan all the best online shoe stores and feature them together for your comparision. It save you lots of time and energy and is one of our most popular features.

Jeffrey Campbell Loggins Bootie (Tan)icon icon
We have just put together women's trendy boots for Fall and you're going to love them. Hurry on over and take a look. As we all know {{ sadly }} the larger sizes sell out quickly!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Women's Faux Tall Leather Pants - 37" Inseam

Let out your inner rockstar without breaking the bank! Alloy's stretch faux tall leather pants have the look of leather, but with the price of vinyl (at only $45)! Did I mention they have a 37" inseam? If you have super skinny legs, then these are the pants for you. Most reviewers recommend ordering up a size as they can be a bit snug through the thighs. They are available in black or grey in sizes 1-25. Receive free shipping on Alloy orders Over $25 with code "AFS25A".

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flifty Tall Outfit

flirty women's tall outfits Poetic Licence Toughen Up Boot (Sandstone)

Can you see yourself in this flirty tall outfit by Eddie Bauer? Corduroy continues to make a strong presence is stores this Fall. A cord mini skirt with a bit of stretch is perfect for those days
when you are running late. Throw on the plaid tunic and sweater and you are good to go. No ironing is needed. The cowboy boots finish off the look, but are only available to size 11. If you need a bigger size, I recommend Barefoot Tess's Poetic Licence - Toughen Up Boots - available to size 14.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nordstrom Shoe Clearance

women's large size shoes on sale - over the knee boots

Nordstom is having a women's shoe clearance with prices slashed up to 60% off! Choose from women's large size shoes up to size 14. Shipping is $8, or free with orders of $200+. Pictured above is a Steve Madden - Over the Knee Boot a cool style with outside zippers and ankle buckle. They are currently on sale for $199.90 save 33%. This sale ends 9/14/10.
We have a special section at Tall Clothing Mall with current shoe sales.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Paige Denim Tall Jeans 37" Inseam

Paige Denim Lou Lou Tulip Jeans
Here's a rare pair of Paige jeans with a 37" inseam. These flare jeans feature 5-pocket styling and a single-button closure. They also have tonal stitching at back pocket. Get free worldwide shipping! We have more choices in women's 37" inseam jeans at Tall Clothing Mall.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Banana Republic Labor Day Sale

Banana Republic Tall Sabrina shawl collar jacket

During the Banana Republic Labor Day Sale save up to 30% off Sweaters, Denim and more!. Offer valid on select styles. Ends 9/6/10. Pictured above is a tall Sabrina shawl collar jacket on sale for $89.50 was $130.
Visit our sale section at Tall Clothing Mall for more Labor Day Sales.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Save an Extra 25% at Couture Candy - Tall Designer Jeans

Rock & Republic Scorpion in Strive

From now through Monday, save an extra 25% off all styles at Enter coupon code "FALL". This includes savings on tall designer jeans, lounge pants, tall designer pants, handbags, jewelry and more. Pictured above is a pair of Rock & Republic tall jeans with a 36" inseam length. To find the inseam you are looking for in their search box just type in your size - for instance "36 inseam". Hurry sale ends 9/6/10.
Also, be sure and check out our sale page at Tall Clothing Mall for more Labor Day Sales on clothing, shoes and accessories.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tall Shaping Tops

Looking for something to hold in the slight tummy buldge? Since I have given birth to four children, I can use all the help I can get to hold in this tummy! Today I have spent a great amount of time looking for tall shaping shirts. Below are the 3 results I could find. If you have purchased any of the products below, I would love your feedback.

Long Elegant Legs - Tall Shaping Tank

Long Elegant Legs Scoopneck Tall Shaping Top

Bare Necessities Yummie Tummie Stretch Long Length Shapewear Tank Top
(as seen on the Oprah Show)

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