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Tall Snob

womens tall blog featuring tall clothing,tall clothes and large size shoes.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tall Women Gift Idea: Barefoot Tess Gift Cards 20% Off!

I think most women would love to receive a new pair of shoes for Christmas. If you're wanting to give the gift of a pair of new shoes, but not sure of the size or style, we recommend a Barefoot Tess Gift Card. That way, she can pick out a pair of shoes in the style she craves!.  For today and tomorrow, save 20% on all Barefoot Tess Gift Card with coupon code GIFT. Ends December 1st.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tall Tuesday: Luxurious Tall Leather Pants

It's Tall Tuesday!  I've gotten lots of requests lately for more pairs of women's tall leather pants. There's a few tall vixens out there who appreciate sexy pants. So today we feature women's tall leather pants - a bit naughty and a bit nice! Leather makes a statement all of it's own. These luxurious pants are perfect for clubbing, some holiday parties or for anytime you want to look like a rock star!
Unless you are a record promoter, they are a bit much for an office setting.

womens tall leather jackets

  1. Metrostyle's tall leather pants (item #18297) have  a 35" inseam. Choose from 6 colors in sizes 6T-20T. The popular colors are selling out fast. $89.99
  2. Make Your Own Jeans - custom made leather biker jeans style #502. Get them in your measurements and inseam length - perfect for the extra tall woman. $130
  3. Victoria's Secret pencil pants in leather - 34" inseam in sizes 0-14 $298
  4. Shopbop - Current/Elliott The Frontman Leather Pants 33" inseam, waists 27"-32" $925
  5. Make Your Own Jeans -custom made leather biker jeans style #508. Made to your specifications and length you desire. $140
  6. Shopbop - GoldSign Blossom Leather Flare Pants 35" inseam, waists 24" -31" $800

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Tall Sales

It's Cyber Monday and there's some amazing sales including some that are better than the Black Friday Sales. View the big list of Cyber Monday sales. Here are a few we like:

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rock N Roll Cowgirl Jeans 34 Inseam

Western style jeans don't have to be boring and boyish. This pair of Rock N Roll Cowgirl Jeans with a 34" inseam is modern and ladylike. They have a low-rise and slim legs with contrast stitching. Your cowboy will trying to lasso you when you wear these jeans!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shopping for the Young, Tall & Awkward

Today on Twitter I got asked the following question:

Height Magazine helped me answer this question. Thanks so much!

Top places for young awkward tall girls to shop:
  • Alloy is a wonderful option selling tall pants and women's tall jeans with inseams up to 37" long. They also have longer age appropriate tops, tunics and sweaters.
  • has trendy looking tall pants and jeans with up to 37" inseams, tall shirts, sweaters, dresses and skirts.
  • Old Navy offers affordable tall pants and tall jeans with 34" and 36" inseam. They also have age appropriate tall shirts, sweaters and dresses.
  • Athleta - sells casual sporty style tall dresses, skirts and casual pants - perfect for kicking back.
  • Boden - their trendy dresses and skirts can't be beat! Be sure and choose the "long sizes". However their "long" pants are only a 33" inseam.
  • Maurices sells some long pants and jeans including tall plus sizes with lengths up to 35" long. They also have some really long t-shirts and tunics. I wear their casual shirts all of the time.
  • Delias - teen pants and jeans with inseams from 34-36". Made trendy and colorful styles.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Tall Black Friday Outfit: Total $58.27

There are so many great Black Friday sales going on today. Here's a women 's tall outfit created with amazing sales today. All items are from JCPenney. Total price for all 4 items are $58.27. Get free shipping on orders of $25 or more via coupon code SHIP25.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Long Tall Sally Black Friday Sale

The Long Tall Sally Black Friday Sale has started. See the banner below for the offers. The discount will appear in your basket when you check out. Ends 11/27. Shop early for the best selection.


View the complete list of Black Friday Sales for Tall Women.

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We Have a Winner of the Tall PJs

We have a winner of our tall pjs contest. Congrats go out to #8 - Jenn. Here is the winning entry:

I hope your enjoy your tall pjs courtesy of Tall Girl Crafts!  Tall Girl Crafts is offering free shipping through this weekend on their ready made women's tall pjs that they have listed on their Etsy shop. Offer ends 11/25..

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shopbop Black Friday Sale : Save Up to $500

The Shopbop Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale has started! The more you buy, the more you save! Use coupon code BIGEVENT to save $50 off $250, $100 off $500, $150 off of $750, $250 off of $1000, and $500 off of $1500.
Offer begins Wednesday, November 23, and ends Monday, November 28, at 11:59pm PT. Code cannot be applied to gift certificates or shipping costs.

shopbop black friday sales on womens tall clothing

View the complete list of Black Friday Sales

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Tall Personal Shopping: Tall Business Clothes

We're on a roll with personal shopper requests! Here is the latest:
"I would greatly appreciate assistance in my search for a decent wardrobe that fits me! I am 40, 6’1, with a 37 inch inseam, and a size 4 (127 lbs). I work in the professional realm, so a nicely fitting suit is always a great find. I prefer black, with a tailored feel. Long sleeved shirts that are cinched at the waist, or short sleeved patterned shirts work. I like stylish. I like a low rise waist, love a cuffed trouser. Love pencil skirts. Jeans are the hardest thing for me to find that fit well. Easy to find a 6, or higher, but a 4 with an extra long inseam is difficult. I usually find that to get a good fit, I have to pay a lot more, so if you can keep me in the $60-70 for separates, I appreciate it! I love a good sale! My suits generally run $150, when they are on sale. Occasionally I can find one for $80, and that is a big deal! Thank you for your help!" - Angela


Many of the items you have requested can be found in our special section of Women's Tall Clothing Basics. 
I have combed the best online stores to find pieces that fit your size, inseam, and tastes. As much as I'd love to be able to present you with a lot of suit choices, they are difficult to find in your size. The key to a nice looking wardrobe will be for you to purchase high quality separates that can be mixed to create many different options.
womens tall business clothes
Pictured above from left to right by rows:
Tall Jeans - We have jeans listed by inseam length. We update them frequently. Here are the women's 37 inseam jeans.

Above left to right are some hand-picked items that should fit you and look great too!
Some of the items I have chosen for you are on sale. There will be new sales going on all week and especially on Friday - for Black Friday. So be sure and check out our sale section for additional discounts before you purchase.

My tall personal shopping service is a free service! If you need help, be sure and submit all required info via email.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Belted Knit Tall Blazer

Gap's Belted Knit Tall Blazer is almost like wearing a sweater. It's slim fitting and machine washable Choose from tan or black in ST-XLT.
Gap Belted Knit Blazer

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

PZI Jeans - 30% Off!

If you've been wanting to try PZI Jeans, now's a great time as they are offering a new coupon. Save 30% off with coupon code  PZGAN30.  If you are a curvy girl, these jeans will fit you perfectly. Inseams are 34", 36" and 38". Offer ends 11/30. Read a review of these jeans from a visitor to this blog.

234995_The Perfect Gift for Women with Curves (VIII)

View more women's tall clothing on sale. We are constantly updating our sale section.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Save 25% at Boden + Free Shipping

Click to activate Boden 25% off plus Free Shipping and Returns! Ends 11/30. I love their skirts and dresses. Be sure to choose the "long" sizes for extra length. Most of their women's "long" pants and jeans have a 33" inseam.
Velvet Trimmed Dress

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tall Personal Shopping: Tall Shirts for Wide Shoulders and Small Chest

Tall Personal Shopping Request

"I'm 5'10 and small-busted but with broad shoulders. I am generally happy buying my work pants online at Ann Taylor and The Gap, which both carry small talls. My problem is the long-sleeve blouse styles available -- AT and ATLoft don't offer Tall blouses, and The Gap's are limited to button-ups and other unflattering-to-me styles. I would like a feminine, long-sleeve alternative to button-up shirts, such as light sweaters, wrap blouses, etc. I'd really love to find something that would fit both my shoulders and my bust, but I'm willing to tailor down the body if the size that fits my shoulders is too large in the torso. (For perspective, I recently bought a suit with a 6T jacket and 2T pants, then had the jacket taken in.)" - Courtney


You've really given me a challenge to mull over. Women's long sleeve shirts in "tall sizes" are rare and you're correct in that most of them are button-up styles. I've found a few choices for you, but you may have to compromise on some of the sleeve lengths. Long sleeve tall shirts are so rare, and the last few months I have been doing my research as I'm actually contemplating designing some women's tall shirts. I would love every one's feed back on this, as it would be a huge undertaking. What do you think, do we need more "tall" shirts? If so, what styles would you love?

Any way, back to your question. V-neck shirts will be universally flattering on anyone. They can help your broad shoulders appear narrower. As you probably already know, any details around the breast area can help disguise small breasts.

eShakti custom made wrap top - customized with your measurements. You can even have the sleeves made in any length you desire including long sleeves. 2 colors

Long Tall Sally Knitted Wrap 2 colors
Banana Republic Blake Wrap Blouse
Banana Republic Blake Wrap Blouse 3 colors
Banana Republic Leopard Tie-Neck Blouse 2 colors

Tall Couture - Long Sleeve Blouse

I hope this helps. If anyone else has come across some tall shirts that would work for Courtney, please leave a comment below.
My tall personal shopping service is a free service! If you need help, be sure and submit all required info via email.


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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tall Personal Shopping: 35 Inseam Jeans, Low Rise and Boot-Cut

I received this request for tall personal shopping:
"Hi! My name is Mary, I am 16, tall, and have a terrible time trying to find jeans that are long enough and fit right.... when I try on jeans, if they are long enough, they are huge in the waist, and if they fit right in the waist, they are way to short! I am looking for jeans that are 35'' long, low-rise bootcut, but that are not skin-tight!!!! can you help me out?!!! :)"

Mary, thanks for your email! First off, we have a special section of women's 35" inseam jeans. We update this section frequently.
Here are some hand picked items that I think you will love:
J Brand Babe Bell Bottom Jeans
Shopbop -   J Brand Babe Bell Bottom Jeans -such a popular figure flattering style

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Tall Tuesday: Stay Fit Through The Holidays

It's Tall Tuesday!
This next week seems to be the start of our non-stop eating frenzy. Our Thanksgiving feast seems to continue right up through our New Year's Eve toast. Then suddenly our holiday binges turn to guilt when on January 1st we are reminded that it's time to diet!
As tall ladies, we are lucky that most people don't notice a 5 pound gain on our tall frames. But, we feel our tummys getting flabby and it can take a toll on our self-esteem. Don't let the pounds creep up on you this holiday season. We have to be able to fit into our little black dress on New Year's Eve. Get out and move! Exercise will allow us to occasionally eat some holiday goodies without guilt.
It's a lot easier for me to want to exercise when I have clothing that fits me well and is cute too! Here are some fashionable tall workout outfits that will get you motivated. They are stylish enough to wear all day long.

Visit Tall Clothing Mall for more choices in women's tall workout clothing.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Long Batwing Shirt

Batwing doesn't mean you have to put on your costume and fly away! Rather batwing sleeves are a shape of sleeves that are fuller towards the outside. Alloy's long batwing style shirt has a 33" length, and flattering rouching at the sides. The reviewers say it fits a bit tight, so you may want to order up a size. Sizes available from XS- 3XL in 8 colors.

Alloy - Save 15% Off ANY Order with code 15AFFNA

or Take $20 Off ANY Order Over $75 with code 75AFFNA

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Friday, November 11, 2011

What Can $11 Get You Today?

Head on over to for their 11-11-11 sale with many items on sale for just $11. Plus, shipping is free!
Romantic Soles - Emily Women's Large Size shoes
Romantic Soles up to size 14 $11

Gabriella Rocha - Cotton Lace Long Cami (Beige/Stone Grey/Red) - Apparel

Levi's   Womens - 525 Bermuda (Stealth Blue) - Apparel

Levi's Bermuda Shorts 11" inseam

There's also lots of Veteran's Day sales and we have the scope on them over at Tall Clothing Mall.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tall Style on a Budget: Total $82.37

Even when you're on a budget, you can still look stylish. I put together this womens tall outfit for a total of just $82.37

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tall Tuesday: 3 Versatile Tall Party Dresses

It's Tall Tuesday, my favorite day! Today I bring you 3 versatile tall party dresses. Each of these dresses can be worn to various functions from semi-formal to formal parties. The accessories you pair with the dresses will determine the overall look. They also can be worn year round. Wear them to weddings, date nights, cocktail parties or wherever you fancy!

tall party dresses classic

lacey tall party dress

Which tall party dress ensemble is your favorite?

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Monday, November 7, 2011

New Giveaway: Women's Tall Pajamas Up to 38 Inseam

Who wants to win a pair of custom made women's tall pajamas? Today starts a new giveway sponsored by Tall Girl Crafts.
Tall Girl Crafts is an Etsy store created by 6'3" Lacey. She makes comfy and adorable custom made women's tall pjs in flannel prints. Sizes available are S, M, L and in inseams from 34"-38".
If you win this giveaway, you can choose from the following 3 flannel fabrics of your choice in the inseam you need.

If you'd like to win a pair of tall pajamas, here is how you enter:

It's simple. Just leave a comment below. Here are the rules:
  • Browse through the store at Tall Girl Crafts. In a comment below, tell me your favorite flannel fabric and the inseam length you desire.
  • Earn extra entries. Each of the following ways can earn you an extra entry.
  • Do a Tweet on Twitter entry about this contest, then come back here and enter another comment saying you tweeted.
  • Create a blog post talking about this contest and then enter another comment below, linking it to your blog.
  • Tell your friends about it on Facebook and then enter another comment below.
  • 1 winner will be chosen randomly through
(Note) This contest is open to anyone and you can enter up until midnight on Nov 22, 2011. The winner will be announced on Nov 23rd.. If your comment doesn't link back to your profile or blog where I can find your email, or you don't have a blog, then you must leave your email in the comment so I can contact you if you win. You will have 48 hours to respond or I will choose a new winner. Good luck!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today Only, Buy 2 Mascaras, Get 1 Free

Today only! Buy any two mascaras at from your favorite brands and get one free!  Plus, shipping is free is on all orders. Your free mascara must be of equal or lesser value than the lowest-priced mascara purchased; choose from the options listed below.

  • Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara, $24 value
  • promo code: BOBBI
  • promo code: CHANEL
  • Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara, $30 value
  • promo code: TRISH
  • M·A·C ‘Opulash’ Optimum Black Mascara, $15 value
  • promo code: MAC
  • Dior Diorshow Mascara, $24.50 value
  • promo code: DIOR
  • Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mascara, $25 value
  • promo code: LANCOME
  • Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara, $30 value
  • promo code: YSL
  • Clinique High Impact Mascara, $14.50 value
  • promo code: CLINIQUE
Excludes primers and lash enhancers. Online November 5 only, ending at midnight Pacific. One per person, while supply lasts. Promotion code required at Checkout to qualify for gift. Gift can only be sent to the same destination as your order, and cannot be shipped to international addresses.

There's a whole lot of sales going on this weekend. View the tall clothing sales and deals now!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Which Layout Do You Like?

Sexy Tall Leather Pants

Get your sexy on with Metrostyle's tall leather pants (item #18297).  These leather jeans are actually lined and have a 35" inseam. Choose from 6 colors in sizes 6T-20T. At just $89 a pair, they are pretty affordable! Hurry and take 20% off your order of $75 or more with code MS35814. Ends 11/18.
35 inseam womens tall leather pants

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

PZI Jeans Product Review

I received the following review from Lauri.
"After reading about PZI Jeans on Tall Snob, last Wednesday, I visited their website and decided to order a pair. I have been looking for a lighter wash jean that is long enough for me to wear with heels. Long jeans found at regular department stores are long enough for flats but I’m a platform and heels girl. I saw the Boyfriend Jeans and decided to order them. I received the jeans today. It was quick which made me happy. The jeans are lighter weight. Since I’m moving to Saudi Arabia, having a lighter weight jean is really great. The fit is terrific and the length is awesome. I put my tallest shoes on and they are not too short! Yay! I will be ordering more pairs of jeans from PZI Jeans."

womens 38 inseam jeans review
Lauri purchased the Arch Boyfriend Jeans with up 38" inseam length.

Thanks for submitting your review!
 If you've found a great tall clothing item that you'd like to review, please share your great finds! Send me an email.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

NORDSTROM - Shop the Half-Yearly Sale for women & kids.

It's the NORDSTROM Half-Yearly Sale for Women & Kids! Save up to 60% on designer fashions. Shipping and returns are free. Below, we've identified clothing and shoes that we like for tall women: Sale ends 11/13. 
Tall Designer Jeans

Tall Pants

Large Size Shoes
Maxi Dress

Long Tops, Sweaters, Capes

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tall Tuesday: Get Your Tall Bling On!

It's Tall Tuesday! For today's style board we are getting ready for the Holidays. Nothing say Holiday dressing more than sequins and sparkle. A little bit of shine can go a long way.  It's time to get your tall bling on!
Pictured from left to right in rows:

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