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Tall Snob

womens tall blog featuring tall clothing,tall clothes and large size shoes.

Monday, October 31, 2011

October 2011 Monthly Recap

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Dorothy Perkins Tall Coat

I was looking through the women's tall clothing at Dorothy Perkins and came across this gorgeous tall coat. I love the gold button details and the front pockets. This dressy coat would love fabulous over tall shift dresses. So chic! If ordering from Dorothy Perkins, be sure and check the size chart as they are UK sizes.

View more women's tall coats.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tall Boots on Sale

Hurry on to Nine West to save 30% Off ALL Tall Boots. Offer ends 10/30.  Discount reflected at checkout.

View more women's shoe sales!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

J Brand Velvet Tall Pants 35 Inseam

This beautiful pair of J Brand Flare Velvet Pants with a 35 inseam will take you through of the Fall and Winter holidays in style! They are made of a stretch velvet, so they will be comfy, yet still hold their shape. They have a fabulous flare leg style.
J Brand Martini Skinny Flare Velvet Pants
View more women's 35 inseam pants.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tall Personal Shopping: "I Want to Be Flo from Progressive Auto for Halloween"

I got a crazy email from Diana. She wants to be Flo from the Progessive commercials as her Halloween costume, but needs help finding some pants to finish off the look.

Diana says "I'm in need of white jeans. Or at least that's what I think she's wearing. I can't tell if they're really light khakis. Either way. I'm 29, and I'm In between a 12 & a 14 tall/long but leaning more towards a 12. I do have a booty and I usually do really good with the New York & Co. brand. I wear about a 34" inseam.
This is a Halloween costume so I really don't feel like paying a ton of money for a pair of jeans I'll never wear again. Anything below $60 is ok with me. I'd prefer that they are boot cut too."

I must say I think this costume idea is hilarious! I looked on Google and there's all kinds of tutorials on how to recreate this look including this one.

Here are the options of white jeans or pants that I found for you:
Long Tall Sally - Cotton Sateen Bootleg Pants in white with 34" inseam.
On sale for $35.

Banana Republic White denim trouser 
Banana Republic White Denim Trouser in regular length = 34" inseam.
On sale for $40.

I hope this helps! For the record, both of these pants are stylish enough that you should wear them next Spring and Summer.

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We Have a Winner of the Tall Tank Top!

We have a winner of our Elle Mayers tall tank top giveway. The winner wass chosen through and the number chosen is #8. Congrats to Lacey W with her winning entry:

Lacey will receive the Serendiptity tall tank top.

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Tall Tuesday: A Tall Vested Interest

It's Tall Tuesday.  It's the day we celebrate our tallness! Today we feature women's tall vests.
Vests are hot! Wear them as layers when it's chillly outside for extra warmth. Do you have a tall vested interest?

Pictured left to right in rows are:

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      Monday, October 24, 2011

      Today's The Last Day to Win a Tall Tank Top!

      Hurry on over and enter to win a tall tank top from Elle Mayers. Today's the last day to enter our giveaway. All you have to do is submit a comment and you're entered into the giveaway.

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      Friday, October 21, 2011

      Unique Long Tunic

      This Trouvé long tunic is unique. One sleeve is long, while the other is short. It has a  30" length overall. Choose from gray, black or plum. Would look nice with skinny jeans or leggings.

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      Thursday, October 20, 2011

      Chic Fur Collar Maxi Coat

      Look polished from head to toe when you step out in this fur collar maxi coat. The chic long length will keep you warm while maintaining your style!

      View more women's tall coats.

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      Wednesday, October 19, 2011

      Tall Black Jeans for Curvy Ladies Up to 38" Inseam

      If you're a curvy lady, you know how hard it can be to get jeans that fit at the waist, but are wide enough for the hips. PZI Jeans specializes in women's tall curvy jeans. Today I am featuring a new style of tall, black jeans in 34", 36" and 38" inseam lengths. They are a straight leg style with a trendy back flap pocket. For a limited time, use coupon code PZ20AFL to save 20% on your order.
      jeans for curvy tall women

      View more women's tall jeans by inseam length.

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      Tuesday, October 18, 2011

      Tall Tuesday: Hot Fall Trend - The Color Burgundy

      It's Tall Tuesday! This means we have created a special style board in the hottest trends for tall women! Today's trend is based on the color burgundy. Actually this color is also known as wine, maroon, berry or bordeaux. All of them have a touch of brown in the color. You've got to get yourself something in this shade!
        womens tall trends
      1. Eddie Bauer women's long cardigan
      2. Eddie Bauer tall velour pants 35" inseam
      3. Gap rayon tall turtleneck
      4. Zappos Sofft patent leather uppers up to size 12 
      5. Eddie Bauer curvy fit tall cords 35" inseam
      6. Athleta strata tall skirt

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      Monday, October 17, 2011

      Height Goddess Tall Wrap Dress

      Have you seen the new Height Goddess tall wrap dress? It's proportioned in every way for tall ladies.  Made of a soft modal/spandex blend, it has a flattering v-neck and a tie belt. Choose from chocolate brown or a rich rust color. This is on my wish list!

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      Saturday, October 15, 2011

      Why I Love This Tall Teen!

      I have to tell you about one of the classiest tall teens I know!
      Meet Julia!

      Julia impresses me in so many ways. She has impeccable style! Julia can take basic clothing pieces and make them look fabulous even on a tight budget. Her shoe collection is amazing and she loves to wear heels. She also dresses modestly without looking frumpy. As a tall Hispanic woman, she stands out in so many ways!

      But, more importantly, Julia's personality is what sets her apart in this world! I have watched her go through an incredible amount of stress and hardship this past year. Her future was uncertain. But, she has faced her challenges with courage and poise. As a Christian, she has taken a personal vow to avoid alcohol and other destructive habits and is a true example of a believer. Her friends admire her and hold her in high esteem. Thanks Julia for standing tall and being beautiful inside and out!

      If you know an exemplary tall teen or tall woman, we want to hear about it. Please share your stories!

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      Friday, October 14, 2011

      Hot Pink Heels - VaVaVoom!

      What do we need to compliment our black or grey tall shift dresses? A pair of pink heels of course! Why? No particular reason other than they are FABULOUS!

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      Thursday, October 13, 2011

      Would You Wear a Snow Stomper Skirt?

      I came across this snow stomper tall skirt and it took a great deal of studying to figure out what it is. Is it a mini skirt? It is a waterproof skirt?
      Athleta Snow Stomper Skirt
      So I asked my husband as he works at a plush ski resort hotel if he has ever seen mini-skirts worn over their snow clothes. He said, that they do and though they aren't terrible common, he sees them occasionally. When I showed him the picture below, he said, he's never seen anything like it. 

      If you want to wear the newest high fashion item on the slopes, I guess this is it! My question is, what happens when you crash on the slopes? Does your skirt fly up, or worse - rip? I'm thinking you're better off with a snow suit on the slopes. Then you can wear this sexy number over leggings while parading around the hotel. :)


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      Wednesday, October 12, 2011

      Tall Personal Shopping: Boots & Coat

      I received a request from Christine, a 5'11" tall woman who is 54 year old. She is looking for 2 items. The first request is for a classic black or brown tall boot in a size 11. She would like them to be sleek with no adornments and a flat heel. She will be wearing them with skirts and has had bad luck with tall boots stretching out and falling down or not being long enough to reach her knees. Her calf circumference is 14".
      The good news is that I believe I have searched everywhere and found you some options that will fit. The bad news is that the ones I like the most are very pricey, but I've included them to give you the most options.

      The second item she would love to find is a knee-length or longer  tall, black, down coat with a hood. Christine wears a size 10. Here are the options:
      Eddie Bauer Essential Down Parka

      I hope I've been able to find you some great choices! Everyone feel free to chime in with a comment and tell us what item(s) you think Christine should purchase.
      My tall personal shopping service is a free service! If you need help, be sure and submit all required info via email.

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      Tuesday, October 11, 2011

      Tall Tuesday: Tall Shift Dresses

      Shift to the left,
      Shift to the right
      Get a shift dress that fits just right!

      It's Tall Tuesday, which means we have created a special style board of women's tall clothing. Today we are focusing on tall shift dresses. Wikipedia defines a shift dress as "a garment consisting of a skirt with an attached bodice (or a matching bodice giving the effect of a one-piece garment).Sheath dress also fit this definition, but are generally a bit more form fitting.
      Michelle Obama has made this type of dress quite popular.It must be nice to get them all custom sized! Come on fashion designers, us tall women of the world deserve the same attention! 

      michelle obama tall shift dress

      For the rest of us, tall shift dresses are easily dressed up with sophisticated jewelry and a pair of heels. They make fabulous holiday dresses! Dress them down by pairing with a cardigan and a pair of knee high boots. Another look is to add a turtleneck or crisp white shirt under the dress and if desired, finish off with a belt around the waist.

      Here is our favorite selection of women's tall shift dresses:

      View more women's tall dressses.

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      Monday, October 10, 2011

      Tall Tank Top Giveaway!

      Who wants to win a tall tank top from Elle Mayers?

      Elle Mayers is a new womens tall clothing store selling tall tank tops and workout pants with 34" and 36" inseam lengths.

      womens tall tank top giveaway

      This giveway is for the black Serendipity tall tank with berry colored trim. This tank top has stylish petal shaped cutouts in the front and back. It's the ideal tall tank top for Yoga or other fitness activities. This tank is made in the USA and the fabric is a soft, breathable cotton/spandex blend.
      If you'd like to win this tall tank top, here is how you enter:

      It's simple. Just leave a comment below. Here are the rules:
      • Browse through the store at Elle Mayers  In a comment below, tell me your favorite item they sell.
      • Earn extra entries. Each of the following ways can earn you an extra entry.
      • Do a Twitter entry about this contest, then come back here and enter another comment saying you twittered.
      • Create a blog post talking about this contest and then enter another comment below, linking it to your blog.
      • Tell your friends about it on Facebook and then enter another comment below.
      • 1 winner will be chosen randomly through

      (Note) This contest is open to anyone and you can enter up until midnight on Oct 24, 2011. The winner will be announced on Oct 25th. If your comment doesn't link back to your profile or blog where I can find your email, or you don't have a blog, then you must leave your email in the comment so I can contact you if you win. You will have 48 hours to respond or I will choose a new winner. Good luck!

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      Tuesday, October 4, 2011

      Tall Tuesday: Shopping for A Cure!

        October is breast cancer awareness month.With it being Tall Tuesday, I found it appropriate to highlight products that bring awareness and raise money to find a cure for breast cancer. We all know people that have been affected by this terrible disease.
        When I was a tween, my Aunt Faye lost her 5 year courageous fight against breast cancer. The world lost an amazing soul. I want my Aunt Faye to be remembered as  a caring Mother and Wife. She dedicated a great deal of time to nurturing teen girls.  Faye was often in a terrible amount of pain, but she never complained! I have drawn strength in my life by remembering her example of poise and courage.
        Please do your monthly breast exams as early detection is the key!

        tall tuesday womens tall breast cancer awareness shopping tall wardrobe
        Pictured above starting top left and continuing clockwise.

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        Monday, October 3, 2011

        True Religion Tall Lounge Pants 36 Inseam

        We all love comfy tall lounge pants for hanging out around home or for running errands. If they look great too, it's an extra bonus. True Religion's  Marissa Loung Pants have a 36" inseam length. They are made of a soft stretch fleece and have a flare leg. The flat elastic waistband features a drawstring tie for an adjustable fit. Choose from black or hot pink.

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        Saturday, October 1, 2011

        September 2011 Monthly Recap

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